St Augustine Chapel

St Augustine Monastery
Augustinian Community
3266 Nutmeg Street
San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 282-2184
Prior: Rev. Gary Sanders, OSA

O Sacrament of love,
sign of our unity,
bond of our fraternity,
those who long for life
have here its very source.
Let them come here and believe;
unite with you and live.

Augustine Homilies on John 26, 13

Daily Schedule of Common Prayer

Eucharist: 8:30am

Monday through Friday
Morning Prayer: 6:45pm
Eucharist: 7am
Evening Prayer: 5pm (M-Th only)

Saturday & Civic Holidays
Morning Prayer: 8:15am
Eucharist: 8:30am

Morning & Evening Prayer from Christian Prayer. For more info on the Liturgy of the Hours click here.
The first Augustinian foundation in the western United States, St. Augustine Monastery in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego, has been home to the Augustinian Friars for more than 90 years. The Monastery is identified as Austin Hall located on the corner of Nutmeg & 33rd St., adjacent to St.
Augustine High School.

In addition to the friars who live in the Monastery are those men who are initially discerning their vocation as Augustinian religious. During this time, those in the pre-novitiate are introduced to Augustinian community life while living in the monastery with the friars.

The Augustinian Community gathers in the Chapel for daily Mass & Prayer: Morning & Evening Prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours. As Saint Augustine's writings come alive with references to the psalms, the vitality of the Augustinian life is expressed in the communal (group) praying of the
Offices of the Morning and Evening Prayer of the church. The liturgical focus of the day takes place in the celebration of the Eucharistic liturgy (the Mass.)

Our celebration of communal prayer is open to anyone who wishes to share one’s love for the Lord with us. It is not unusual to see students from St. Augustine’s participating at daily mass with us. Faith-filled persons from all walks of the Catholic journey join the friars and these young men in prayer. You are most welcome and invited to share with us in our public prayer.

The Augustinian Community participates in the mission of St Augustine High School by Ministry and Teaching, and each week joins the students at Mass throughout the school year.  For a schedule of school Masses please view the school calendar here.