ourladyofgraceThe Virgin Mary, greeted by the angel as “full of grace,” became at that moment the Mother of Grace. She was at the same time mother of the one mediator Jesus, and mother of the author and dispenser of grace.

Mother of Grace is the most ancient title with which the Augustinian Order venerates the Virgin Mary. The general chapter of 1284 prescribed the daily singing or recitation of the Benedicta Tu in honor of Our Lady of Grace. In this Mary is invoked as “You, Mother of Grace.” Also the antiphon Ave, Regina caelorum, originating in the thirteenth century, is in honor of Our Lady of Grace. At an Augustinian Meeting in 1377, the chapters established the recitation of the verse “Mary, Mother of Grace.”

The Augustinian Family now celebrates the feast of Our Lady of Grace on 8 May.

Rotelle, John, Book of Augustinian Saints, Augustinian Press 2000
Our Lady of Grace, Augustinian Monastery, La Vid, Spain.

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