Augustinians Currently in Formation

Those in Formation, California Chapter 2015

The young men above are in various stages of the formation process in the Province of St. Augustine – “The Augustinians in California.”

These are the Graduate Theology Augustinian Friars, and their Formation Friars living at the Augustinian Friary in Chicago, IL

Santa Monica's College 2014-2015

These are Augustinians from around the world who live in Rome, Italy, and study at St. Monica International College.




Bro. Nick Porter, OSA

Bro. Nick, 32, is a Southern California native who grew up in the Los Angeles area. After graduating from the University of California, San Diego he began a job as a software engineer. He enjoyed the creativity, the mathematics and the logic in programming that the work entailed. Yet it was not enough. Shortly after graduation, while he was still new in his job, Nick began discerning his vocation to the religious life, a four-year process that culminated in entering the Augustinian pre-novitiate program at the St. Rita House in September of 2010. In the fall of 2011 he began his Novitiate year at the in Racine, WI.

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Bro. Robert Baiocco, OSA

Bro. Bobby, is from Batavia, NY, which is near Buffalo, NY. His family moved to Palm Beach Gardens, FL in the 1980’s. Robert speaks of being involved in church activities, social groups, and having a supporting family. After high school he studied hotel management for two years at Palm Beach State College and began a career working in many US cities and several foreign countries. This first career was pursued for approximately seventeen years. During that time Robert speaks of spiritual discoveries and a growing focus on God and where he felt God was calling him to grow.

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Bro. Maxime Villenueve, OSA

Bro. Max, earned his Bachelor’s  Degree in Religious Studies at San Diego State University. While there I was very involved in the leadership of the SDSU Newman Center. After graduating he entered the Diocese of San Diego priestly formation program in a year of discernment. During that year he studied philosophy at the University of San Diego and was able to discern that he didn’t fit the independent model of diocesan life. He left the diocesan program and worked for two years as Director of Faith Formation at Blessed Sacrament Church in San Diego. During that time Fr. Mark Menegatti, OSA began inviting him to dinner at the Augustinian Friary at St. Augustine High School where “I felt the warmth and feeling at home of the friars in that community pulling me toward the Augustinians.”

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Bro. Philip Yang, OSA

Bro. Philip, became acquainted with the Augustinians while studying graduate theology at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago IL as a Maryknoll student. Becoming friends with Augustinian graduate theology students he felt a tug from the Holy Spirit to inquire about the Augustinian Villanova Province. During his novitiate year he felt another tug to request permission to enter the Province of St. Augustine in California, allowing him to live near his parents in the Los Angeles area.

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Bro. Dominic Smith, OSA

Bro. Dominic was born in San Diego, CA.  His family later moved to Riverside, CA. and then again to Lake Havasu, AZ., where he graduated high school. He went to Northern Arizona University where he studied Communications…

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Bro. Adnan Ghani, OSA

Bro. Adnan grew up In the City of Gujrat (Lalamusa) Pakistan. After completing his high school studies from St Joseph Catholic School he joined, Our Lady Of Lourdes Minor Seminary Rawalpindi in 2002.

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Bro. Sarfraz Alam, ᴏsᴀ

Sarfraz was born into a Christian family in Pakistan who trace their Christian faith back to Saint Thomas.  St. Thomas, one of the original 12 apostles of Jesus Christ, brought the Christian faith to the Indian subcontinent.  Although majority-Muslim, Pakistan has a Christian minority of about one million.

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