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Doug Farnum receives Anima Una Award

On April 6, 2017, at an afternoon mass in St. Augustine’s chapel in San Diego, the province of St. Augustine presented its “ANIMA UNA AWARD” to Doug Farnum. The words on the award expressed the gratitude the Augustinians have for Doug, who was a loyal friend to Fr. Jerome Bevilacqua OSA (of happy memory.) For many years Doug has tirelessly volunteered at the Augustinians’ Cedar Pines property of Tierra Del Sol, near Boulevard, California. Fr. Gary Sanders OSA, prior of the local Augustinian community preached at the mass, and provincial, Fr. Kevin Mullins OSA praised Doug “for being one in mind and heart with the Order of St. Augustine.”

The Anima Una Award is presented to women and men for their fraternal dedication and service to the Augustinians in California. “Anima Una,” a phrase used throughout Augustine’s writings, indicates being “One in Heart.”

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Friars Studying Graduate Theology in Chicago

2016-17-theologiansFour California Augustinian Theologians are living in the Augustinian Monastery during the 2016-2017 school year. Bro. Sarfraz Alan, OSA, having completed theological studies in Pakistan, is now applying that knowledge to American use.  Bro. Philip Yang, OSA, returning from his pastoral year, is completing his final year of graduate studies. Bro. Robert Baiocco, OSA, continues his theological studies. Bro. Adnan Ghani, also of Pakistan and having completed theological studies there, is, like Sarfaz, is applying that knowledge to American use.