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Augustinians Renew Vows of Chastity, Poverty, and Obedience

Renew VowsAugustinians Philip Yang, Maxime Villeneuve, and Robert Baicco renewed their vows of Chastity, Poverty, and Obedience to Very Rev. Kevin C. Mullins, OSA, Prior Provincial of the Province of St. Augustine, who represented Most Rev. Alejandro Moral Anton, OSA the Prior General of the Order of St. Augustine.

Annual Retreat with Fr. Jim Wenzel, OSA

Wensell 3X 4The Province of St. Augustine’s annual retreat took place in San Diego during early June. Fr. Jim Wenzel, OSA, of the Villanova Province, was the retreat director. Fr. Jim took us on a trip through several “gardens” of spiritual realization and growth. Fr. Jim is a member of the Augustinian Novitiate community in Racine, WI. Many members of our province are familiar with Fr. Jim from previous assignments and their theological educations.

Rev. Bro. Carlos Medina, OSA – Master of Divinity

CarlosGraduationRev. Bro. Carlos Medina, OSA was awarded his Master of Divinity degree from the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, IL.  Auntie Evelyn, a Burmese friend who had “adopted” Carlos while he was in Chicago, was present at the graduation. Carlos has been ministering as a deacon at St. Patrick’s Church in San Diego, CA where he will be ordained a priest on June 11, 2016. His presbyteral  ministry will begin at St. Patrick’s upon his Ordination.

Bro. Barney Johns, OSA — Marathon Man

The Big Sur International Marathon 2016:

In his own words:

54,000 steps. 3,000 runners. 2 unprepared legs. 1 Brother (blood – not religious). Wake up time was 3:30 am to jump on one of 128 school buses at 4:15 am in Monterey that wBarnaby Marathonould take us down to Big Sur. Once there and once stretched, and national-anthemed, all 3,000 of us were off at 6:45 am. Downhill through the Redwoods for half a dozen miles, then into the exposure of the Pacific Coast for the next 15. This stretch as you know is truly awesome and exhilarating, all the more so when joined to blustery winds as the plodders like me moved through the low gears over the undulating Route One. My concern was a 500 feet climb over 2 miles that led down to the picturesque Bixby Bridge at the half way point (the downs can hurt as much as the ups). Bands, orchestras, Taiko drums, a grand piano – live entertainment all the way added to volunteers at stations every 2.5 miles handing out water, Gatorade, Vaseline, tissues – later there were bananas and strawberries and oranges, and GU – a carbohydrate gel that gives you that energy boost. By mile 18 it was starting to hurt. By mile 20 I had mind games going on and a legion of voices questioning this weird existence of running such an unnatural distance. At mile 24 I could envision what 2 miles looked like and knew I would not perish – or worse be picked up by the Sag Bus for the injured or lamentably slow.

It was an emotional ride. I knew I had a bank of prayers and support of many that morning. I must say a gargantuan thank you for your support. Thanks to the Cole Street Community for their hospitality. I have been overwhelmed by your generosity. The latest count of money coming in to Hogar Infantil is over $1,000. I will let you know soon what the final amount is.

Barney, OSA

Augustinian Commission for the Laity

OSA Commision on LaityThe Order’s Commission for the Laity met with the lay coordinators in General Assembly on 18-19 February in Rome. Fr. Jim Mott, OSA, represented the North American Provinces. The commission looked at the situation of the Augustinian laity in the diverse areas of the Order and analyzed the mission of the assembly as an organizational group for the diverse experiences of the Augustinian laity.

As a result, regional/continental sub-committees were set up both for the lay and the religious members and to them was entrusted the mission of looking at the objectives of the commission and of empowering the presence of the laity in each region of the Order.

It was the decision of the commission to enlarge the number of lay representatives in each region and to set up ways for responding in each region’s needs. It will also be the work of the sub-committees to establish the ways in which to appoint/elect representatives so that they can be a part of the assembly beginning in 2019.