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Pilgrimage in Italy by Augustinian Friars

North American Augustinian friars who recently made, or who will soon make, their Solemn Vows of Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience made a pilgrimage to Italy visiting sites which are  parts of their Augustinian heritage. From left to right they are: Bryan Kerns, Joe Ruiz (front), Stephen Iseley (rear), Gladson D’Abre (front), Brian Barker (rear), Nick Porter,  Fr. Joe Mostardi (pilgrimage leader), Maxime Villeneuve, Nick Mularkey, Philip Yang, and Aldo Potencia.

Dedication of St. Augustine Commons

The newly finished St. Augustine Commons was dedicated during a Mass on the feast of Our Mother of Good Counsel by the Very Rev. Kevin Mullins, OSA, Prior Provincial of The Province of St. Augustine. The St. Augustine Commons includes a plaza for student gatherings and the Fr. John Sanders, OSA Gymnasium.

Fr. John began his dream of a growing campus in the 1990’s when he began a determined action to close Bancroft Street which, at that time, divided the Saint’s campus into two parts. That was followed over the following years by proposals from Saints alumni, generous Saints contributors, and Saints faculty up to the present time.

The vision of Fr. John Sanders is not completed. The future to enhance and carry on that dream will continue, as has Saint Augustine High School, since its founding in 1922.

Very Rev. Kevin Mullins, OSA speaking to the hundreds of people gathered for the first Mass in the Fr. John Sanders, OSA Gymnasium.

Very Rev. Kevin Mullins, OSA speaking to the hundreds of people gathered for the first Mass in the Fr. John Sanders, OSA Gymnasium.







Photos by Bro. Dominic Avila-Smith, OSA



Photo by San Diego Union-Tribune

Celebration of Mass during Province Mid-Chapter

MidChapterMassThe Province of St. Augustine Mid-Chapter took place at the end of January 2017. Many members of the Province, including Very Rev. Joe Farrell OSA, Vicar General of the Order of St. Augustine, concelebrated with Rev. Alvin Paligutan OSA as the principal celebrant and homilist. The Mass was celebrated in the Dougherty Gym at St. Augustine High School in San Diego, CA. The student body also participated in the Mass. Bro. Dominic Smith OSA was the photographer.

Augustinians of Korea

Korean Friars Solemn ProfessionMembers of the Augustinians
of Korea, Most Rev. Alejandro Moral Anton OSA, Prior General of the Augustinians, Very Rev. Tony Banks OSA, Assistant General, and Bro. Philip Yang OSA of the Province of St. Augustine, gathered in Incheon, Korea for the Solemn Profession of Bro. Salesio Lee OSA.

Campus Ministry at St Augustine High School

sta-16-campus-ministryThe Campus Ministry at St Augustine High School in San Diego is seeing some additions. Fr Kirk Davis is the new Chaplain, and Director of Liturgy. Nicole Quirk, a member of last year’s Augustinian Volunteer community, is the new Director of Christian Service. Fr Mark Menegatti retains his position as Director of Retreats. Bro Maxime Villeneuve, on his pastoral year, teaches two classes, and assists in various Campus Ministry Projects. Jonathan Heisler, a member of this year’s Augustinian Volunteer community, is assigned to Campus Ministry for the year.

Saints Campus Ministry provides weekly Liturgy to students. Bro Max has been focusing assistance here as Fr Kirk transitions into his new role. Fr Kirk has also relied on members of the St Augustine Monastery Community, including Fr Harry Neely, Fr Gary Sanders, and Fr John Grace to hear Confessions on Tuesdays.

The Christian Service Program at Saints includes a variety of opportunities for Saintsmen to be involved in their community. Christian Service provides rotating Spring Break trips, monthly Hogar Infantil trips, weekly Vincent de Paul village trips, and other helpful connections to the students.

The Retreat Program offers annual all-class retreats to each grade, as well as an opportunity for Seniors to attend Kairos. On a weekly basis Jonathan assists Fr Mark in preparing students to serve as leaders on each of these retreats throughout the year.