peterofgubbioPeter, of the noble Ghigenzi family was born in the first half of the thirteenth century. He studied law first in Italy and then in Paris. At the age of forty he joined the Augustinians of his hometown who had come to Gubbio from the hermitage of Brettino (Fano). As a friar he won the respect of his confreres and was entrusted with various duties of responsibility. He was sent by the prior general to visit the monasteries of France where he left a deep impression for his zeal and holiness of life. He is described by the Anonymous Florentine, a writer of the fifteenth century, as “a man of great patience and prayer, who ended his life in the peace of the Lord and is renowned for many miracles.”

He died sometime between 1306 and 1322 and was venerated from the time of his death. His remains are preserved in the Church of St. Augustine in Gubbio.

Blessed Peter’s feast in celebrated by the Augustinian Family on 29 October.

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Peter of Gubbio, Church of Saint Augustine, Rome, Italy

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