Redite ad cor, et inhaerete illi qui fecit vos.

State cum eo et stabitis,

requiescite in eo et quieti eritis.

 Return to your heart,

and closely hold onto Him who made you.

Remain with Him, and you will find comfort,

rest in Him and you will find peace.

Confessions IV.12.18

(trans. J.White,NOSA,2015)


In the Fifth Century, St. Augustine of Hippo both encouraged and inspired his followers with these words: Let us seek with the desire to find, and find with the desire to seek still more.

In the Twenty-first century, the purpose of this website is to help you become more familiar with Augustinians in our Order and Province — who desire to seek still more. Though our Province of St. Augustine is small in number compared to others in the Order of St. Augustine, the Holy Spirit nurtures our desire to seek community, truth, and love in a variety of venues.

Kevin.round.2.5x2We are a brotherhood called by St. Augustine to live one mind and heart intent upon God. But, in the year 2013, the needs of the church dictate that our life is more than just living together in harmony. We are also called to be ministers. The recipe for commun
ity life mixed with the demands of the ministry is not always easy to attain; yet it is very much a holy blending of the ingredients of grace, joy, and conversion. As a province we celebrate this blending and our community life, if you will, is its result .

St. Augustine, in his commentary on the Gospel of St. John, said:

Question the beauty of the earth, the sea, the air distending and diffusing itself, the sky, question all these realities. All respond: ‘See, we are beautiful.’ These beauties are subject to change. Who made them if not the Beautiful One who is not subject to change?

St. Augustine knew that the one thing that cannot change is the presence of the Lord in our lives. God is the Beautiful One who gives us life itself and invites us to embark upon a spiritual journey. The cultivation of this journey is guided by the Holy Spirit, often working through men and women who have been called to enhance their own spiritual journey while interfacing with the journeys of others.

By browsing the pages of this website, I invite you to get at least a glimpse of some of the journeys of the men in our province. In perusing this site, I also hope that you realize the extensive partnership we have with lay leaders in our ministries. It is our prayer that this collaboration makes even more colorful the beauty that is found in the Augustinian life.

Very Rev. Kevin C. Mullins, OSA

Prior Provincial of the Province of St. Augustine